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The Comprehensive Guide to Picking the Right Bath Shower Mixer Taps

When refurbishing or upgrading your bathroom, the choice of bath shower mixer taps can substantially impact both functionality and looks. As a crucial aspect in bathroom design, mixer taps integrate hot and cold water supplies to deliver the ideal temperature. With numerous designs and functionalities offered, choosing the ideal one for your space can be overwhelming. This guide explores the different kinds of bath shower mixer taps and uses tips to assist you make an informed decision.

Understanding Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Bath shower mixer taps are a vital part in modern-day bathrooms. They blend hot and cold water streams to produce a comfortable water temperature. This performance guarantees that your bath or shower is constantly at the best temperature, boosting your bathing experience. These taps typically feature a single spout and a control mechanism that allows you to adjust the water temperature and flow rate.

Types of Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Traditional Mixer Taps

Traditional mixer taps have a traditional design that fits vintage or period-style bathrooms. They frequently include crosshead manages or lever manages and are made from long lasting materials like brass or chrome. These taps include a touch of sophistication and fond memories to your bathroom.

Contemporary Mixer Taps

For a more modern-day bathroom, modern mixer taps use streamlined and minimalist designs. These taps generally come in a range of finishes, consisting of brushed nickel, matte black, and polished chrome. The clean lines and easy shapes of modern mixer taps match modern décor wonderfully.

Thermostatic Mixer Taps

Thermostatic mixer taps are designed with safety and convenience in mind. They keep a constant water temperature, no matter changes in the supply of water. This feature prevents scalding and supplies a safe bathing environment, specifically essential for homes with children or elderly family members.

Waterfall Mixer Taps

Waterfall mixer taps include a touch of luxury to your bathroom. They are created to replicate the flow of a natural waterfall, providing a special and aesthetically attractive water flow. These taps are typically coupled with contemporary bathroom designs to create a spa-like atmosphere.

Freestanding Mixer Taps

Freestanding mixer taps are perfect for freestanding baths. These tall, standalone taps make a bold declaration and are ideal for large bathrooms with a centerpiece bath. They can be found in different styles, from traditional to modern, enabling you to match them with your bathroom's overall design style.

Features to Consider When Choosing Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Design and Style

The design and style of your bath shower mixer taps must complement the overall aesthetic of your bathroom. Whether you choose a traditional, contemporary, or glamorous appearance, there is a mixer tap that will enhance your bathroom's look. Consider the surfaces, shapes, and deal with styles that will best match your space.


Think about the functionality of the mixer tap. Do you require a tap with a portable shower attachment, or would a basic spout suffice? Think about who will be utilizing the tap and for what purposes. For instance, a handheld shower accessory can be useful for washing down the bath or washing hair.

Setup Type

The installation kind of the mixer tap is another crucial aspect. Wall-mounted mixer taps are ideal for smaller sized bathrooms as they save space and create a streamlined look. Deck-mounted taps are set up on the edge of the bath and are a traditional choice. Freestanding taps are best fit for larger bathrooms with freestanding baths.

Water Pressure

Guarantee that the mixer tap you choose is compatible with your home's water pressure. Some taps need a high water pressure to function properly, while others are designed for low-pressure systems. Inspect the maker's specs to make sure the tap will work effectively with your existing pipes.


Bath shower mixer taps are available at different price points. Determine your budget before shopping and search for taps that use the very best value for your cash. Keep in mind that higher-quality taps might have a greater initial expense however can provide better efficiency and longevity.

Benefits of Bath Shower Mixer Taps

Temperature Control

Among the main benefits of bath shower mixer taps is accurate temperature control. By blending cold and hot water, these taps allow you to accomplish your wanted water temperature quickly and efficiently. This function is especially useful in households with varying water temperature choices.

Aesthetic Appeal

Bath shower mixer taps boost the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. With a wide variety of designs and surfaces readily available, you can choose a tap that complements your bathroom's design theme. Whether you choose a timeless, modern, or luxurious look, there is a mixer tap to fit your taste.


Mixer taps are flexible and can be utilized for both bathing and bathing. Many models come with a handheld shower attachment, offering extra performance. This flexibility makes mixer taps a useful option for hectic households.

Space Saving

In smaller bathrooms, space is often at a premium. Wall-mounted bath shower mixer taps can save valuable space and create a clean, uncluttered look. These taps are an outstanding choice for compact bathrooms where every inch counts.


Thermostatic mixer taps provide improved security functions, making them perfect for families with kids or senior members. These taps keep a constant water temperature, lowering the threat of scalding and making sure a safe and comfy bathing experience.


Picking the best bath shower mixer tap is important for both the performance and aesthetic appeals of your bathroom. By thinking about elements such as design, functionality, installation type, water pressure, and budget, you can select a mixer tap that meets your needs and enhances your bathroom's total appearance. Whether you go with a traditional, modern, thermostatic, waterfall, or freestanding mixer tap, the ideal tap will guarantee an enjoyable and bath mixer taps luxurious bathing experience.

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